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Retail Business security camera installation and replacement services.
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IT Equipment office move services.
IP Phone systems for home and Business.
Home security camera installation and replacement.
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Serving Maryland Eastern Shore counties, Maryland beaches and Delaware beaches including: Ocean City, Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach.
State-of-the-Art access control for your AirBnb and Vrbo vacation rental properties.
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Make your vacation home a smart home so it is much easier to manage from anywhere.

Always know when someone is entering your vacation home property.
No more trips to the rental office for house keys.
No more of your rental property keys floating around everywhere.
Key-less entry for easy check-ins and check-outs for your vacation home rentals.
Mobile app or access codes are only good for rental period for the rental.
All access to your vacation home is done online with your login credentials for check-in times and check-out times.
Your house cleaning crew has their own code.
Your Heating and A/C company has their own code.
All codes can be added easily or revoked easily.
Logging of all entering your vacation home property including the codes used or Brivo app used.
Extras to above features:
Exterior property smart cameras to let you know when some unauthorized person is on your property.
Control of your vacation homes thermostat if someone left the A/C or heat on when leaving the property.
The ability to control the thermostat settings remotely.
Water in the basement where water heater is located.

Retail store IT services.

We been setting up retail stores for many years. Everything from store servers, store computers, POS systems, IP phone systems, Cloud based background music systems, Wide screen TV’s for infomercials and store security cameras. All security camera systems we carry have a mobile app that allows you to view your retail store cameras from anywhere when you are away or on vacation.
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Professional Business WiFi 6 Installations

Installation of the latest TP-Link professional business Wifi 6 technology for business and large homes. We specialize in office space, automotive dealerships, coffee shops, social clubs, retail stores, sports bars, restaurants, and other types of businesses that require WiFi services. Our services include the WiFi equipment, installation, and configuring a wireless network across your premises. Many wireless devices can be connected to your new WiFi wireless network. Whether your business grows or shrinks, your wireless network will be there and flexible with your business plans. Plus the simple support of your new WiFi 6 technology operations.
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Retail Business security camera installation and replacement services.

Whether you manage a retail store, repair shop, construction company, airport parking lot, single office building or a campus consisting of several buildings. We offer local or centralized security camera management. We have the perfect industrial security solutions for you.
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Retail Store Music that matches your business! We install cloud based music and professional retail sound systems.

Employees are arguably the most valuable asset of any business, regardless of the industry. Employers are always looking for ways to create a desirable work environment that will ease the stress of their employees and customers shopping. Fully licensed, clean, ad free music for your business. You have full control of all your business locations music right from your mobile device not your employee’s music choice. Many types of music genres and stations to choose. They can be mixed to change during certain hours during the day and evening to set a different mood. Also drive branding and sales for retail with your own overhead announcements. Starting as low as $25.00 per month.
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IT Equipment office move services.

Last year was a busy year for us helping those businesses downsizing and moving into smaller spaces. We take care of packing all your current IT equipment and setting it up at your new location. We can setup your internet, firewall, server, computers, printers, scanners, phones and other IT equipment at your new office or home location.
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VoIP Phone systems for home and Business.

Installation and setup of high-quality VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone systems for both home and business. We offer many types of IP Phones from two lines to over 25 lines. All cloud based and all modern IP Phone features including mobile app for taking phone call when you are out of the office. Nicest feature with IP phones is their monthly cost and, in most cases, we can save you over $100.00 dollars per month on your monthly phone charges.
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Wide Screen TV installation services for business and home.

More business owners are updating their visual TV advertising and customer support TV systems to take advantage of the cheaper technologies available today. Let us help you decide what is the best solution for you. We have all your answers when it comes to wide screen TV installations and features you are looking for to increase your bottom line at your location.

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Home security camera installation and replacement.

Installation of high-quality security camera systems for your home. We offer many types of cameras including those that are color at night. All systems we carry have an mobile app that allows you to view your cameras from anywhere when you are away or on vacation. We also install the Ring doorbells, Ring security cameras and Ring exterior lighting cameras.
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Computer repairs, software installation and computer training.

We been installing and repairing computers for over 25+ years. Bring your computer problems to us and we will take care of any computer problems you are experiencing. If you are new to computers we can help you get onboard and up to speed on today’s newest computer systems.
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Website design and hosting services.

Our websites are hosted by and include 24 hour x 365 day website support.

We started building websites 25+ years ago before the internet was a household name. Let us put our website experience into your business website. Our website includes security and daily backups for fixing any website problems.

Free consultation to get details about your business for your website design.
Professional domain name email address.
Included is your custom domain name.
Mobile-friendly customized designs for your business.
Professionally content written for your website.
Includes 1 revision for your website.
WordPress Security and backups are built right into your website.
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